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        | 點擊:


        (   ) 1. A. sings             B. signs              C. songs
        (   ) 2. A. smoke             B. smell              C. small
        (   ) 3. A. down              B. danger             C. dancer
        (   ) 4. A. listen              B. litter               C. little
        (   ) 5. A. dinner             B. dumplings          C. dance
        (   ) 6. A. work              B. walk               C. wan
        (   ) 7.  A. a juice shop         B. snack bar           C. bookshop
        (   ) 8. A. red jackets          B. read shirts         C. red jacket
        (   ) 1. A. It’s on the wall.     B. It means No parking.  C. No, it doesn’t.
        (   ) 2. A. No, I can’t.        B. Sorry, you can’t.      C. No, it isn’t.
        (   ) 3. A. We had a big dinner. B. Yes, I did.           C. I buy some fireworks.
        (   ) 4. A. Yes, we are.       B. Sometimes it is.       C. No, it’s clean.
        (   ) 5. A. Plant some trees.   B. Move away the factories.  C. Drive a lot.
        (  ) 6. A. Smoke from cars. B. My dirty clothes. C. I should sweep the floor.
        三、根據你所聽到的短文,用T / F判斷正誤。(6)
        (   ) 1. It was windy on Sunday morning. 
        (   ) 2. Jack and his father went to park by bus.
        (   ) 3. The sign on the grass means No littering.
        (   ) 4. Jack’s kite was in Jack’s bag at first.
        (   ) 5. Now the kite is at Jack’s home.
        (   ) 6. Jack could not fly his kite today.

        1、種植更多的樹            2、繼續走路            
        3、朝…外看               4、上一節英語課           
        5、打電話給他             6、smoke from cars          
        7、feel tired and hungry         8、at first           
        9、wait for you             10、pick them up           
        1.carefully(形容詞)               2.we(賓格)              
        3.family(復數)             4.watch(三單)             
        5.write(過去式)           6.can(過去式)           
        7.twenty(序數詞)            8.Sep.(完全形式)            
        9.bring(過去式)           10.windy(名詞)         
        (   )1、Rubbish in the water      the fish dead.
                    A、makes  B、make   C、maked
        (   )2、I know       about  signs.
                    A、a lot of  B、lots of C、a lot
        (   )3、Bobby is       about the fashion show.
                    A、excited B、excitingC、excite
        (   )4、There’s much     in our city.
                    A、museums B、rubbish、C、schoois
        (   )5、Mr Smith looks         .
                    A、at B、around C、for
        (   )6、Yesterday,they      newspapers.
                    A、read B、readC、readed
        (   )7、Please don’t       here.

        (   )8、She often go      in the park.
        (   )9、I can        the flowers very well.
                    A、look after B、look forC、look at
        (   )10、It’s time for          . 
                    A、have classB、have lessonC、class
        (   )1.What can we do to keep the room clean?   A.Our mothers.
        (   )2.Who makes our clothes clean and tidy?    B.Me too.
        (   )3.What does”No littering”mean?   C.He slips and falls on the floor.
        (   )4.What’s the matter with Billy?       D.It means you can’t litter.
        (   )5.I like living in the city.             E.We can clean our rooms.
        1.Do you like       (plant)trees. 
        2.Your           (idea)are great.
        3.I’d like         (wear)that paper clothes.
        4.Mary         (eat)lots of nice food every day.
        5.It         (rain)yesterday morning.
        1.I’d like a balloon as a present.(改成一般疑問句)
               you      a balloon as a present?
        2.Do you want some juice?(改寫成同義句)
                you         some juice?
        3.Mr Green went to ShangHai two days ago.
                Did Mr Green      two days ago?
        4.Park  here.(改寫成否定句)
        5.and ,street,dirty,the,messy,rubbish,makes(.)(連詞成句)
        You                    that.
        Is someone        ?I can        it.
        Mike has       from all over the           .
        What         the air         .
        It’s time                     .
        Mr. Smith is taking a walk in the park. Suddenly(突然), he sees a ten-yuan note on the grass. He looks around. There’s no one nearby. He quickly walks to the note and picks it up. Then a park keeper comes up to him. The park keeper points to a sign and says to Mr Smith, “Can’t you see the sign over there? It says ‘Please keep off the grass. Fine¥10’Now you should give me ten yuan.” 
        (   ) 1. Mr Smith is talking a walk in the street.
        (   ) 2. There’s a ten-yuan note on the grass. 
        (   ) 3. Mr Smith doesn’t see the park keeper at first.
        (   ) 4. The sign on the grass means we shouldn’t walk on the grass.
        (   ) 5. Mr Smith gives the policeman ten yuan at last.

        一、 聽錄音,選出你所聽到的單詞或短語,聽兩遍。(8%)
        1. There are lots of signs here.
        2. Don’t smoke in the office, please.
        3. Danger! You shouldn’t do that.
        4. The little bird is named Jill.
        5. Bobby is eating some nice dumplings.
        6. Do you want more noodles? 
        7. You can’t shout in the bookshop.
        8. Look, I’ve got three red packets.
        1. Does the sign on the wall mean No parking ?
        2. Excuse me, can I park here?        
        3. What did you do last Sunday?
        4. Is our school clean and beautiful?
        5. What should we not do to keep the air clean?
        6. What makes your rooms so messy and dirty?
        三、根據你所聽到的短文,用T / F判斷正誤。(6%)
        It was sunny and windy on Sunday morning. Jack and his father went to the park to fly a kite.
        J: Dad, can we stop our car here. There’s green grass over there. I want to fly my kite.
        F: No, Jack. There’s a sign on the grass. It means No parking.
        J: Oh, I see. 
        Jack’s father parked his car in the parking lot. Jack looked for something in his bag.
        J: Oh, no. Dad, I can’t find my kite. It was in my bag just now.
        F: Don’t worry. Jack. Look, it’s in my bag now.
        J: Great! Let’s go!


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